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A tailored interior design service

Does your property need a design expert to maximise its Airbnb potential? Here at City Superhost we offer an in-house interior design services (Altrincham Interiors) that will give your guests a home from home experience and become a firm favourite for guests when selecting their next stay. We understand how important guests are and aim to create an oasis within the city to call home during their time in Manchester. Ultimately, increasing bookings generates larger profits for you, the owners.

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4 simple steps

Interior Design Process


Free consultation

A free over the phone consultation to discuss all your interior design needs


Choose a package

Choose a package to solve all your design requirements for your airbnb property


We create a design

We present our unique design selecting all the furniture and finishes


We bring it to life

We install the design, perfect for all your short term stays and to boost your revenue

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